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Denmark opens five VACs in China

Denmark has opened five visa centers in different cities of china to capture the travel market of china. Currently china is one of leading country in the production of electronics goods. The visa centers will be helpful for both the countries to enhance their productivity. Sanghai, Chongqing, Beijing and Guangzhou are the major cities of china where the visa centers for Denmark have opened. The applicant can apply for both short term visa and long term resident permit in anyone of the centers. Within 5 to11 working days one can get the visa for Denmark depending upon the criteria. The visa will helpful for the people who have a desire to holidaying at Greenland, Faroe Islands and Denmark. The centers store the biometric data, fingerprint scan for the future purpose. Once store data can be used further for five years. Denmark is the only European country to set up a visa center at china in 2010. The numbers of Chinese tourists to Denmark are increasing every year. The revenue comes from the tourists increase the financial condition of the country. In the year 2015 there are 28000 visas have been issued for the Chinese travelers, but this year the amount increases up to 20%.the statistic tell us that the immigration process gradually increase from china to Denmark. From last couple of year’s then financial growth of Denmark moderately increase due to the travel market of china. For the higher education Denmark is also a good place. The tropical environment of Denmark is one of major attractions for tourist. The skilled workers, it professionals, investors can easily live a qualitative live at Denmark. From all points of view Denmark is really a good place to reside. Denmark has a typical importance among the tourist of china due to luxurious lifestyle, Mermaid statue and cutting edge design. So gradually the amount of tourist and immigrants increased every year.

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