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H2A a Temporary programs for agricultural workers

The H2A is a program of US government to allow the immigrants around the globe to fulfill the human resource in the field of agriculture. Normally the food production is one of the major programs for each nation because it is one of our basic needs to survive. So the agriculture has a vital importance for the growth of economy. Many research fellows and skilled agricultural workers can immigrate to US by the help of H-2A visa. The immigration of foreign workers in to the field of agriculture will boost the financial growth of the country. There are many criteria for getting the H-2A visa. For qualifying the H-2A classification there are so many terms and conditions the job offered by US is of temporary or seasonal basis. The immigration authorities also have to observe that lack of human resource in U.S to do this kind of work. They will also verify that the H-2A visa has no impact of wages and working conditions of similar employed American workers. The things may have an impact on the labor market demand. All kind of verification is needed for this purpose. Candidates have to submit a single valid temporary labor certificate approved by the US labor department with the H-2A petition. Generally the period of stay authorized on the temporary labor certification.  H-2A classification may extent up to one year depending upon the situations and criteria. 3 years is the maximum period of stay under H-2A classification. The candidate having the 3 years of stay on H-2A visa can depart from the country for three month and after the returning he have to renewal the process. The H-2A visa process really a good initiative for US to hire the qualified scientist and skilled worker of agriculture from outside the country. The improvement of agriculture will be beneficial for the nations.

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