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In last nine month the remittance was $ 1 billion for immigrant students: RBI

Many Indian students have desire to study in abroad. In last couple of years many students from various domain like engineering , medical , economics ,statistic , agriculture and biotechnology have immigrate to foreign for their higher studies. So the amounts spend for the students increased gradually. A statistic report of RBI said that the remittance for the foreign students has reached the amount of $1 billon in last nine months of time.

The above statement clarified that the passion for studying in abroad has increased day by day in Indian students. As of now many high skilled Indian students are pursuing their higher education in foreign. Indian resident have spend almost $3.81 billion in the last 11 months, which nearly 187% more than the outward remittance of the year 2014-2015. Statistical analysis says the remittance per month is approximately $ 4 million. The total outflow of revenue expected to exceed the amount of $ 4 billion.

The Indian resident cannot be spending much more amount on the immigration issue without the approval of RBI. They can spend maximum $ 250,000 per indivisual yearly. The monthly remittance of 2015-16 exceeded the revenue outflow of $440 million in the year 2007-08.

The innovation of science and technology aspire many students for the proper utilization of their inner talents. So many students desired to study in abroad and enhance their skill for their carrier growth. Many international universities have provided scholarship program to workshop facilities for the talented graduates, which is one more point of attraction for the students. Industrialization and job opportunities for various domains in Australia, US, UK   increase the interest level of Indian student to immigrate. An analytical report says that every year almost 3 lakhs Indian students go to abroad for their higher studies. So the remittance level becomes hike periodically.

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