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Malaysia needs lot of human resource for employments

Malaysia is one of best education hub for Asia. Many international universities have been setup their branches in the country. The job opportunities also good in it but the immigration level is very low. Though there are many jobs in the country but lack of human resource to meet the requirements.

In February Malaysian government allow 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers to seek employments. The government also declare that the country have good number of employments in all kinds of domains. Many of the countries have lot of workers but less job opportunities but in case of Malaysia the case is reverse, here jobs are more but the man powers are less to take those.

 The furniture industries of Malaysia are top among the world, but lack of human resource is the only reason of its down fall. The farmers are unable to find the local labor to work for them, increase the price of fruits by 60 percent.  A report told that 84 percent member of Malaysian manufacture federation are facing the shortage of human resource, and unable to fulfill orders.

In last week the employers have threaten the government to immigrate more foreign workers or else they stop productions. The immigration percentage of Malaysia is not at all remarkable though the country posses all the facilities to live a better life.

The official source said that Malaysia has 2.1 million register foreign workers, 1 million illegal foreign workers and the total work force is 15.3 million. The statistic signifies that the human resource problem is a big thing that affects the financial growth of the country.

There are good platforms for all kind of workers and students to work in Malaysia. The country has well developed economy, good atmospheric condition and better carrier opportunities. Malaysia has the highest immigration rate in comparison to other countries of Asia.  The government and the immigration authorities should pay attention to solve the issue of human resource.

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