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The R1 visa has been provided to the foreign nationals to entering in to US for any religious work. The visa is a temporary one. The candidate may temporarily employ in any religious occupation for 20 hours in a week for a part time basis on a religious organization that has been certified from a group tax exemption holder or a non-profit religious organization which has been affiliated from religious denomination in the America.

The initiative of the program is for the religious workers who are dedicated towards the religious programs from secular members of the religion. For approval of this religious worker visa the applicant must have the certification of membership from a religious denomination having a bona fide non-profit religious organization in America at least before two years filling the petition.

The religious occupations means the candidate should attached with the traditional religious function and related to any denomination for carrying out the religious creed and beliefs of the denominations. Religious occupation doesn’t include the janitors, clerical employees and the maintenance workers.

The religious worker visa is a proposal of promotion of tradition, culture and the religion. During the time of approval the authorities demonstrate various things. IRS documentation is one of mandatory things for this regards. If the religious worker will be self supporting then evidence should be showed that the organization has set up for temporary, uncompensated missionary work such as  compensate or uncompensated the overseas workers having the R1 status previously, missionary workers are traditionally uncompensated and participation in such missionary work which is a helpful concern for religious development.

The religious worker visa is only to promote the country’s religious tradition and culture before the others. The migration of religious worker under this visa has some rule and regulation, which will not allow any kind of unfair situations.


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