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Sarawak Dayak party wants tighter immigration policy for peninsular Malaysians

PBDS wants to tight the immigration policy for the peninsular Malaysians for the entry of Borneo state. The party wants to stop the peninsular Malaysians entry without the proper verification of identity and passport. The members of the party want to reintroduce the passport system instead of identity card for the peninsular Malaysians. The unregistered party PBDS is a subset of Barisan Nasional (BN) , but always keeping itself away from political alliance from both the ruling and opposition party.Jarau said that PBDS supports impose of prohibition by the state government. Again he added that government will introduce this policy for certain people and remaining things will be same as before and their party will respect the opinion government. He also said that some people might have given some view against the state government so there is no reason to blame all the peoples. The high profile political leader who are banned from Sarawak are liew ching tong ,Chuatian Chang ,Shamsul  Iskander ,Zuraida Kamaruddin,Sim Sze Tsin and Mohamad Sabu. The deputy president of PBDS is going to contest in Opar in the election of which going to schedule on 7th may. The information has declared by the jarau. After some days they will inform the name of all remaining candidates after checking their backgrounds. The final list of the candidate will be come within the time interval of two days, he added. PBDS baru will contest in fewer than 10 seats due to the immigration issue and not want to surpass its election partner State Reform Party. Jarau cleared that he is not going to the candidate of the party for this election. The coming election is going to be affected for the issue regarding migration, because it has been most debatable topic of current time.                  

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