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Staffs of Edinburg University are under close observation

  The Britannia University Edinburg has been revealed as a small GDR. And this time it is not for the student unions. It’s the matter of employees who are working in the university. Under the new rule the staffs of university have to submit all their identities prove along with their visa and passport for the process of verification. The provisions only apply for the immigrant employees or the employees from outside the Europe. There are more than 13000 immigrants are working in it. The matter of disappointment is the policy even applies when the staff are visiting different place of the university such as library and office. Under the term and conditions of Tier 2 and tier 5 working visa universities are required to monitor the immigrant staffs or the non European employees. In current time the abroad born academics in United Kingdom faced a continuous precarious presence. Many of them have been working under the scheme of working visa. But some extent attaining work visa in primary place becomes tricky. They have to go many criteria and procedures. This very often required for the native country. The academics process of United Kingdom is an international business. Many international student come to pursue their higher studies at universities of Britain. Around the 25 percent of UK academics are the foreign born immigrants.  The scholastic method of the university attracts students towards it. Previously there was a problem arise regarding student visa. Some Indian students reside at UK after expiry of their student visa. At that time the matter creates so many controversies.  For the present time the immigration and visa policy need reformation. If these things will continue for a long interval of time then the rate of immigration will gradually decrease. So everyone should responsible for this concern. The things may affect the bilateral trade and commerce of the nations.

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